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75 Mins - $80

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage will help you relax and unwind from the everyday things that stress you out! This is what most people think of when planning a trip to the spa. Let our therapists calm your mind and soothe your muscles with long, smooth strokes and relaxing spa music. Pressure can vary from very light to moderately firm, depending on your preference. Swedish massage is the perfect choice for first time clients who have never experienced any massage before. It's also good for people with no specific injury or chronic pain complaint. Places that you feel occasional tension or discomfort can be addressed in a Swedish massage. Even if you are a seasoned massage seeker, you can still enjoy the stress reducing, circulation boosting and general feeling of well being that a nice Swedish massage can promote. We offer session in 30, 60 or 90 minutes to suit your needs, as well as package options. See pricing below. 

Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage​

Deep tissue massage is commonly mistaken for a "deep pressure" massage. In truth, deep tissue techniques focus on the connective tissue between your muscles and bones, as well as knots and places of tension. This is a good option for anyone who feels that muscular tension is causing them discomfort in their day to day activities. Anyone from athletes to professional roofers and secretaries to hair stylists can benefit from a deep tissue massage. Therapeutic massage is along the same lines of deep tissue. If you suffer from an injury (even one from many years ago!) you can have muscle restrictions and pain patterns that could be alleviated with this type of massage. Someone needing this type of massage will benefit the most from several sessions in a short period of time to achieve results, and then regular sessions a little more spaced out to maintain those results. Self care at home between sessions is also very important to keep your progress moving forward and options can be discussed at your appointment. Pricing below.


Swedish & Deep Tissue Pricing  

30 mins - $45       Buy 4 - $164  or  Buy 8 - $310
60 mins - $70       Buy 4 - $260  or  Buy 8 - $505 
90 mins - $100      Buy 4 - $376  or  Buy 8 - $730

Hot Stone Massage​ ​

This is an amazing massage classic that makes good use of smooth, heated river stones. The therapist can either place and leave some of the stones on your body or actually hold them in their hand while massaging. Massaging with these heated stones can allow the therapist to reach deeper into the muscles without actually applying more pressure, which can save you from feeling sore the next day! Some other benefits of heat therapy in your massage are decreased muscle stiffness and chronic aches, a deeper sense of relaxation and increased circulation. The heat itself draws more circulation to the area which increases cell oxygenation and the delivery of nutrients into the tissues which can assist in the recovery and healing process. If you have never tried a hot stone massage, what are you waiting for!

Nurturing the Mother© Prenatal Massage

​This is a gentle, supportive and relaxing massage for the expectant mother. The therapist will position the Mother-to-be in a side-laying position, much like she would lay in her own bed at home, comfortably supported with pillows and bolters, while maintaining proper modest draping protocols so you can feel secure and relaxed. Our certified Prenatal Massage Therapist is trained to address your specific concerns, which can often be different from session to session over the course of your pregnancy! In addition to what your concern might be today, the therapist is also aware of common pregnancy related conditions, contraindications and precautions and can modify treatments for maximum effectiveness. 

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75 mins - $90