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​​​​​If our door is closed, DO NOT knock or try to open it! Have a seat in the hall and thank you for your patience.

​What are our prices?

​Our pricing is very modest. A one hour massage starts at just $70. For that price you get: Our full attention, the FULL 60 minutes for your rmassage (we do NOT cut it short to include the time it takes to consult, dress, pay, etc...), you can get deep tissue or Swedish or hot towels or a sugar foot scrub or aromatherapy, we don't nit pick! 

​I found you on Groupon....

​Yes, S Dynamic Therapy has an offer on Groupon. It may be used ONCE on your FIRST visit only. Our Groupon runs for $49 for 60 minutes and $59 for 90 minutes. We are always happy to honor those prices as introductory rates for new clients who would like to try us and maybe aren't on Groupon. Please keep in mind Groupon takes their share off the top and gratuity is appreciated. 

​What is your cancellation policy?

​We ask for 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Typically, we handle these on a case by case basis and are very understanding of most situations. Our official policy is a no-show appointment will need to pay the value of the missed massage in FULL to reschedule. A cancellation or time change with less than 24 hours notice will require a payment of HALF the value of the service. If this is your first visit and you are holding a Groupon voucher, the full price of the voucher will be required to reschedule. If you provide your email address when you book the appointment, you will automatically receive a confirmation email 2 days before your appointment. Please CALL if you cannot make it; a reply to the email is not sufficient. 

​Can you cut me a deal?

​We offer high quality service, from the heart, for humble prices. We do offer packages, though. You can find our Package prices through MindBody, our online booking website. Just click the blue "Book Online" button on our homepage! 

​I booked online, but don't know which location I'm going to?

​On our online booking website, the location "S Dynamic Therapy" is Shimon on PGA Blvd. The location "S Dynamic Therapy Palm Beach Gardens" is Rebecca on Alternate A1A.. For full addresses and directions, please refer to our Locations page. 

I'm pregnant, can I get a massage?

​Absolutely! Massage is GREAT for helping a mother-to-be cope with the changes that pregnancy causes in her body! There are many myths and misinformation on Dr. Google about prenatal massage. It is very safe to receive massage during your pregnancy. If you have a pregnancy that is considered "high risk" by your OB or if you have any doubts, please ask your Dr. if massage will be right for you and feel free to bring a note from them with you to your appointment. Massage is also great post-natal. A mom who had a natural delivery can benefit from massage in as little as 3 days! 

​If you have a question that isn't answered here, please submit it on our "Contact Us" page. Also, feel free to give one of us a call! Keep in mind we don't answer the phone during a massage- leave us a message! Thank you for supporting our small business!