Partnering with Shimon at S Dynamic is Rebecca Stewart. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012 and is dual licensed as an esthetician. She received her training locally at Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Rebecca particularly enjoys working with prenatal clients and is certified in Nurturing the Mother prenatal and postpartum massage. She also does Swedish, deep tissue and hot stone massages.  She takes a holistic approach to her work and wants her clients to feel relaxed and peaceful during and after their sessions, in addition to addressing specific concerns during the massage. She believes that in our modern society, the benefits of deep relaxation and a simple appreciation for the moment are greatly undervalued, if acknowledged at all. 

       The force behind S Dynamic Therapy is Shimon Eliezer. He has been a massage practitioner since 2002. He received the core of his training in Israel. What he has discovered throughout his career is that most challenges in the body are very simple to treat. He strives to be knowledgeable in the modalities he uses by pursuing advanced continuing education and certifications. He is also board certified by the NCBTMB and a member of ABMP. He has extended his education by focusing on pain and rehabilitation. He created S Dynamic Therapy based on the simple philosophy of wanting to offer the best treatment and service to anyone, not just a select few. After spending years working for others and in the corporate setting, Shimon realized that true customer service is lacking in the mainstream massage industry. All too often, clients are herded and corralled to maximize turn over and "efficiency". At S Dynamic, you and your time will be respected and cared for in a truly professional manner. He will not limit your session to only what you asked for on the phone, but will use any "tool" he knows to treat your pain and/or limitations to help you feel better, while still working with respect to your boundaries.

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